Is database career possible?

I live in Syria and I have graduated in 2003 with major of CS , but I never work in this field , now i want to take master in database in Europe , so if I did can I have job after I finish ? since I have no experience over over the past years ,

and if this is possible please advise about what subject in database is better to be specialized in ??

please advise and don’t ignore

Surly if you have good command on database or some new term data warehousing, data mining and this kind of new data handling techniquies. Or qualified DBA can be good but now data handling technologies has advance to new level…

thanks for your reply

I had OCA certification in oracle which is about SQL & PL/SQL ,

will this help me?

If you have a good knowledge and you van proove it then you can find a job everywhere.

If you have an educational background then sure, you’re qualified to start off in the field. Of course in something where you have no hands on experience and only a semi-relevant degree expect to start low and build on up. :rolleyes:

thank you guys

you all are really good people :slight_smile:

thank you guys

you all are really good people :slight_smile:

Really if you are excellent in data structure and algorithm, data base management system,data warehousing & data preprocessed.

Why not with good knowledge of database you can make your career. Moreover if you have certification like OCP and OCA than no one can stop you in this field.
Best of Luck.