Friday pub lunches

One of the things that I miss the most about working in an office (I freelance from home) is the Friday pub lunches. Today I decided to do something about that, so right now I’m working from the pub, alone. Not quite the same, but a pretty good compromise…


Sounds nice! Just don’t drink too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife regularly drags me down to the local café for a cappuccino. That’s about my only social outing for the most part (during the day).

(At cafés, pubs and so on, I’m always a sticky beak when I see someone at another table, sipping a drink and working on a laptop. I can’t resist craning my neck to see what they are doing. Graphic design? Web design? At a café recently, two guys were discussing a web project nearby, and it was very hard for me to tune in to what my wife was saying to me. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I overheard someone pitching a completely idiotic (IMO) content strategy to a client at a cafe a few weeks ago, and I had to work very hard to stop myself from chiming in!


Is Friday Pub Lunch a thing outside Australia and New Zealand? I had never encountered it in Canada, but it seems like every company in Melbourne basically stops working at 1pm on Fridays :wink:

In England it is quite typical to go to the pub after work (so about 5pm) with colleagues (and sometimes bosses) and to stay there until you are quite drunk. In Germany this is quite untypical and daytime drinking is actively frowned upon.

So to answer the question, it’s not a thing over here.

Interesting… I am from England, lived in Australia for a while and now live in Germany. It’s actually been quite incredible that despite the cost and availability of Alcohol, people don’t drink that much.

Thursday lunch together seems more of a thing here, even in co-working spaces, as are workplace canteens.

Yeah, took some getting used to. When I first came over we (the English/Irish) would go out at seven or so and start getting merry. However, the Germans don’t come out until ten or eleven, so by the time they showed up we were more often than not inebriated.

Definitely don’t have anything like that in the places I’ve worked in the US. We do go out to lunch from time to time, but it isn’t often and there isn’t any alcohol.

Australians and New Zealanders are mostly ‘out to lunch’ anyway, so this all makes sense for us.

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