If you are connect with IT field

If you are a IT professional,tell me your working days and your off day…because i am a programmer and my company is working whole 7 days…and me toooooooooooo…:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:

I could tell you, but that wouldn’t help you at all, would it?
Don’t they have laws about these kinds of things where you live?
Is it just to finish a project? Or is it structural (that is: always)?

nut tell me atleast, that might be help for me…

Normal days, normal hours. Unless I have to finish something urgently, but I usually manage to avoid that.

I’ve answered your question, now why don’t you answer my questions? :slight_smile:

thank you buddy…but it is a structural…what can i do dear?

now my mind is set to their schedule… everybody will manage, i will also manage…

Five days working days, and no more works after that. Enjoy only enjoy…

really, great lucky dear

What…working for 7 days…What is the point in working when you dont find time to spend the money you earn???

7 days working .It is not good friends .

ya i don’t even spend my money i earn, i know thats not good, but what i will do now?

7 days… are you hosted inside the company? Or do you have to rent a bedroom in your company?
Or is your living already included in the salary?

i am not a host, i dont have a bedroom inside my company, there is no more facility provided by my company, but this is my tight situation thats why i am in this company…

why the whole seven days you guys do not have any rules well if your organization is structural then they must allow you at least one off day in a week normally all over the world there are two off days in a week(saturday & sunday)

IT profession is somewhat having more work load and pressure as compared to other profession and that’s why it need a more relaxing time because you can not give your 100% if you don’t have sufficient relaxing time. So my dear friend my suggestion is just switch to new company or at-least ask your organization’s head to give you sufficient holidays.