Shall I have another beer?

It’s Friday, it’s lunch time and it’s a beautiful early summer day. I’ve just had a beer on the deck and it was magic.
I want another one. The only snag is, I’m alone and there is something about drinking alone that feels a bit wrong.

So, what do you reckon? Another?

I think if you are lying on the deck then one is more than enough :slight_smile:

I guess this … … can have a twin,

… and about this … … I should think twice. :wink:

But afraid I’m too late! :smiley:

Daytime drinking is a cornerstone of British society, so as a self-respecting Brit, I can only encourage you to succumb to temptation and have a second (and a third, and a fourth).

However, as Francky says, the decision has long since been made.
How did you decide?

I had another one. Of course.

Homer Simpson would approve!

I have a case of beer so who want this…

Wow, you’ve really trawled through the old threads! :wink:

FWIW I did have the beer.

Does that mean it was predestined? Or did the beer have free will? :wink:

[FONT=Georgia]And more importantly, whose getting me a beer?

I do drink wine while coding, which mightn’t be a good thing to do.[/FONT]

Was there any beer left afterwards?:shifty:

It is upto you that how much beer you can consume… :smiley:


Nice :slight_smile:

i think you can have one more. its ok

@ScallioXTX ; and @[URL=“”]Pullo ; Don’t you think that @[URL=“”]HAWK ; had a few beers too many since this thread started? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m guessing she’s kind of tipsy right about now :slight_smile:

That might explain a few things… :x


I’m a kiwi. There is no such thing as too many beers.

You are? :o How did you fly over there to the States? :wink: (or whereever is sitepoint-forums-land).