Freelance Resource List - Revised

This is a refresh of the original List of Resources for Freelancers thread. I’ve gone through and removed all the deadlinks and combined the resources specified through the rest of the thread. Hopefully this will give us a more up to date thread with resources which are valuable to freelancers in the community.

At some point, the list will have to be broken down into topics (has jobs, advice only, etc). And perhaps a small blurb on each link. But for now, it’ll have to be enough that all the links have been vetted as working and put into one cohesive list.

This thread will remain open for a period of one week if you feel there is a resource which is missing or if there is a resource on this list which should be removed for bad information/business practices/etc.

LIST LAST REVISED: 17 December 2010 - must read/write Russian