Hosting for website in beginning stages

Im creating a website Looking for some ideas on free host to host it while its in it’s early stages. Im still learing to write code so i dont want to put any cash up atm because site wont be active for serveral months.

000WebHost is a good free hosting provider.and is aslo a good choice

Since you are just beginning, develop everything on the computer first. Once you are ready to take it to the web, get a cheap shared plan. Most of the time, these shared plans come with a domain free too.

There is no such thing as unlimited hosting. There’s always an upper limit somewhere, even if they don’t tell you where it is.
Or did you think google is hosting their service at one of these “unlimited” hosters? It’s unlimited after all, isn’t it?

you can buy a limited for a new website and can upgrade it afterwards to unlimited capacity

“000webhost” has free service with limited facilities and you can switch to paid service later too. They offer 5 domains and 1.5 GB memory space for free hosting.

I’ve heard 000WebHost is very good for a free host. Another option would be to use a local host such as WAMP for windows and [URL=“”]MAMP for mac.

But, if your just writing normal HTML and CSS, you can run that locally (on your computer) in your browser without any special applications or addons. Just create an HTML page and open it in your browser, everything will render as though it were hosted on a web server.

My suggestion is develop the web site on your computer first until it is perfect then consider hosting. It isn’t worth putting your site on the web in developmental stages.

Just get the design and content done then go for a paid hosting plan. Paid hosting gives you better control over free hosting such as cPanel. You’ll want cPanel to learn from.

If you really need good web host I would recommend you forum.
That is one of the biggest forums about free hosting.
I suppose there you will be able to find some good providers and deals.

Thanks for all the helpful feedback might keep it local for a bit

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