Free hosting that allows audio embeding or linking

There are lots of free host in the world.
Though i am reseller myself,i am looking for a free webhost which will allow me to upload and store mp3(ok copyrighted to us) and allow embeding or linking(playing) audio file with in our site using some sort of players.
Has any free webhost has this feature?

Freehost tends to delete files upon inactivity so rather than deleting on action if files are deleted on based on space allocated,it would be better?

any such free host?
ok if not free then cheap?


This is rare among paid shared hosts let alone free hosts. If you wish to find a reliable platform for this I’m afraid you’re going to be looking at a specialist shared host, semi dedicated, VPS or dedicated server hosting.


thanks any way i have found one…it should work from its feature list …i am testing…so far so good

I’m sure you are expecting good amount of traffic there. So that means that you need VPS at least for this kind of service.

yes…but my principle is let me test in free server first (number of visitors,bandwidth requirements…plus all media are not important)…and if every thing goes right then…may be i can go for vps…

Check out Rackspace Cloud. It’s very cheap but a great way to store files that can be embedded in web pages. Much cheaper than paying for all those downloads through your own hosting. Easy to use, too. :slight_smile: