Framework or offshelf CMS

Hi Newbie here
My first post:D

I have a question that I appreciate some input. I want to create a site to do some estimating of jobs and scheduling of jobs and hopfully do it over the cloud on my ipad. Would I be better off trying to do it with drupal or should I do it new within a framework like cakephp?


Welcome, sorry it took so long for someone to respond :blush:

The answer to your question is unknown by anyone here,as it would depend on which of the two you have most experience in programming in :wink:

As you are looking to develop something custom , you can go for some frameworks. If you are looking for functionalities in drupal then go for it .

Thanks for the reply guys. I have little experience in PHP, but want to make a start. I think the things I want to do will require some customising and added functionality. Not sure if drupal can be customised easily or have the addons available that does what I want.

Is it possible to do it in drupal?
If my customizing changes alot of the structure/display of drupal, would I be better of going framework?