I need advice about Frameworks!

Hi guys,

I love this site, really good sources, thanks to all members to create this great community.

I need some advice, I need create a online newspaper, I don’t want use CMS like WP, joomla, Drupal, I need create something custom, fast respond, good in SEO, safety etc.

Please in base of you experience what framework you can recommend me to make this project? Any starter front-end framework ready to go?

Really guys thanks in advance for any information.!
Best Resgards

Before we can help advise you you’ll need to provide a bit of extra information:

  1. How experienced are you with PHP?

  2. What do you need to do that is not possible with Wordpress or Drupal?

This will give us a better idea for what you need.

Hi Tom

Thanks for you reply, I have 70% of knowledge in PHP, I know WP is a really good CMS but honestly I will like something unique no other portal created with WP I like to be different.

I will like use Material for front-end design, but I not clear whit one PHP framework Start.!

There are a lot of newspaper websites that run on Drupal and I’m certain their requirements are considerably more complex than yours.

that’s funny, ok super web master get me a couple popular newspaper with high visitors traffic in base of drupal.

Condescending comments with get you flamed and nobody is going to want to help you…

However a quick google whack: https://groups.drupal.org/media-publishing-sites

Best of luck.


thats true but this comment “I’m certain their requirements are considerably more complex than yours.” that comment is out of place, who knows him about my project and requirements I need, I say in my post I dont want use CMS, so I ask for a good framework, anyway thanks dude for the example.


Problem is, what is that 70% lie in? Is it all procedural? Is it OOP? 70% is incredibility a lot for a novice. Reason why I say that is even the people who know the syntax of OOP and procedural are all still learning and they are a little bit past the novice stage. 70% should land you a job and you should of known what 3rd party software to use. Unless you have no clue what you are doing and only know the bases of PHP, but are labeling your experience as “70%”.

Nevertheless, even if someone on the internet is trying to point you in a direction, you shouldn’t get all upset about it if you are asking for something. They might not help you at all and you’ll be stuck forever. Furthermore, if you want someone to “give” you the front-end, that only means that you have no knowledge at all and therefore the “70%” knowledge in PHP really might be 1% knowledge in PHP. All PHP developers know the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you know none of this, it is highly highly suggested first before you start going into PHP.

Whatever though, as other have said before, Drupal is a pretty dang good choice. Not to mention Joomla and JFSocial is a good one too which is a premium for Joomla.

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