Forum Spamming Effects My Home Page - What To Do?

Hello, I need you help I had a forum on my website which has been extensively promoted by my competitors on adult and poor quality website. Due to extensive spamming on my forum I decided to remove forum from my website. My website’s home is still penalized. What should I do now? Use disavow or there is a better way?

Can I disavow my domain forum directory that is www . creativethemes . net / forum ? So that the spam links that has effected by forum should not effect my main website?

If I disavow links then in next 2,3 months there will be more of similar links. All these links will obiviously go to 404 page but does those links doing to my 404-page will effect my ranking?

Immediately remove these spam content from all sites. Google penalize those site who had copied and spam content. Promote your website as a user not a promoter. User review is most important. It is totally depends on that how much user like your site. Increase traffic by social media sites, blogs and forums. Do not post promotional content.

Thank you for responding

Yes I have removed my complete forum including content but the problem is I cant remove links created by competitor o different website. The forum page now redirects to the 404 page.

You don’t disavow a site or a directory, or even individual pages. You disavow the links. As far as disavowing is concerned, it makes no difference which part of your site the links point to.

The fact that the disavowed links will now lead to a 404 reply won’t in itself hurt the rankings for the rest of your site. But you’ve also got to consider any legitimate, non-spammy links that previously pointed to your forum. You don’t want to lose the benefit of those links, nor do you want legitimate users who click on them to be greeted by a 404.

Which leads me to ask why you removed the forum in the first place. If it was because the forum itself was attracting spam, that’s got nothing to do with the spammy links that you are talking about disavowing. If your problem was that the forum was attracting spam, the solution would have been to take steps to prevent that spam, probably by moderating the forum more actively.

If that’s not what you want, a better option would have been to keep the forum in place, but in effect to close it - that is, to make it read-only - rather than to remove it completely. Obviously, that will make the forum much less useful, but it would avoid the 404s, and would give the search engines something to index. But that’s a separate issue from disavowing the spammy links.


Now you download file of all the backlinks from the Google Webmaster Tools. Check them manually. Mark the URLs which are not in your site category, low quality sites or adult/porn sites. Collect these URLs and disavow them to Google Webmaster Tools.

There were less real member and less quantity of useful content, I cannot invest double to market and manage the forum as I had to focus on my main business…

delete your user id from the forum and before posting posts see whether the forum is a do follow site and then starting posting your comments…

But as I said in my post, that’s got nothing to do with disavowing spammy links.

If the forum really hasn’t got any active members or any useful content, by all means remove it. But don’t get obsessed with disavowing (which, in any case, there’s no point in doing unless you received a warning notice from the search engine).