Do I need to worry abt Spam External Links?

I have a website. Two years ago I installed vbullettin forum in my website. Despite of moderation the forum received only spam posts. I removed my forum from the website.

But google has indexed the forum and it still shows 404 pages not found error of my removed forum pages. Also some spam websites have linked to my forum pages.That is the reason why google shows them as 404.

How to remove pages from google’s index completely.

Kindly guide me in this regard.

You can submit disavow link request to Google to eliminate this spam link completely from your website. Feel free to know more information about disavow links at here



If I’ve understood the question correctly, this isn’t about disavowing links. Disavowing links applies when other sites are linking to real pages on your site (not 404 errors), in a spammy way. The only reason to submit a disavow request is if Google has alerted you to such links, which is not the case here.

In this case, the pages that are giving 404 errors will eventually disappear from the Google index. If you that doesn’t happen, or if you can’t wait that long, your best bet will be to submit a sitemap. More info here:


Yeah, definitely resubmit. For regular site hygiene, try running something like Screaming Frog ( or Xenu’s Link Sleuth ( to check for 404s. Other complete SEO tools (i.e. SEOMoz, Cognitive SEO) will do this on a weekly basis if you set up the reporting properly.

I use Xenu and frequently submit a sitemap with valid url’s. These spam links are a year and a half old and are not still dissapearing from webmaster tools because the forum pages have been linked by spam sites.