Facing Google penalty problem

My website has sufficient content. I send bad links from disavow tool but my traffic is not improving.How can i get traffic back?

Wait! I miss about 2 day, your disavow link will remove from your Back link on Google Webmaster tool, After Your site will come back old rank, But it often lower before.

I highly suggest you to change your domain name and start on fresh page. Fixing always takes longer time than starting over. You can try to bring it back to life with some help of the Webmaster tools. However, keep in mind that when Google raises a flag on your website, it is not gonna vanish away even if you retrieved back part of your traffic.

I always thought Google discouraged use of disavow tool claiming its crawling was smart enough to detect bad links not of ones own doing.

One always risks disavowing good links inadvertently I was told.

As you are saying that you have moved some bad quality links from webmaster so definitely the counts of links may have decreased which can affects on your SERP rankings. According to me you have to wait for some time and gain some more quality links for now.

In the mean time while waiting to get back your traffic, concentrate on posting unique content and doing it regularly will help also get your site back to where it should be… Good luck.

The DISAVOW tool doesn’t “remove” these links from your backlink profile NOR your webmaster tools. It’s simply used to indicate to Google which links you want to be discounted.

Did you create your disavow file properly? Most of the webmaster create a wrong file and upload it in disavow tool, Google does not reply it their file is not correct, so do a cross check and create file properly and upload it, You’ll get your rankings back as soon as google update your file in their data base. Keep patience

First you need to find all spammy links then sent to disavow tool and after removing all spammy links focus to make your website reputation, don’t try to huge create backlinks again. You will see your website will gain traffic again, don’t mention ranking status in reconsideration mail; just ask for traffic.

Sending bad links from disavow tool alone won’t bring your site to where it was. You need to come up with a fresh campaign to gain links that sends targeted traffic to your site. You are simply reminding Google that you want to remove some links. after removing, start planning your campaign that targets users.