Formatting text with tinymce

i am working in a program that runs on tinymce. if you highlight one word inside a paragraph and change the formatting, it will change the entire block around it. does anyone know how to work around this annoying behaviour?

Have you tried any other editors?

There is CKEditor, [URL=“”]WYMEditor, [URL=“”]NicEdit and [URL=“”]plenty of others.

There’s bound to be one that will work for you :slight_smile:

Well i’m posting in the context of an email developer.
So I can’t change which editor the program uses. Campaign Monitor seems to have come out with a great new editor. I personally like markdown/textile

Ok thanks. It looks like this isn’t workable for even the developer, forgetting the client

I think it depends what style you’re applying…

If you’re highlighting text and then choosing “bold” from the menu, it should only make the selection bold, because that’s an inline style.

If you have a selection and try to apply a “heading” or other block level style, it will apply it to the current block.