Forex gold

hello i’m developing site for forex gold price live <snip/>

what’s the best and fast way to do it

thanks for help and sorry for my bad english

Rather than link to a site that will flag an anti-SPAM filter, it would be helpful for you to think about the specific things you want/need.

Getting an organised idea of things is always the first step.

  • Don’t point to an example site, list features.

first am sorry for that i don’t know thanks for not removing the thread
second :
thanks that’s what i was told today for my customer in meeting people coming be crazy i think here is the features

login class - security class - checkout gold class - session class

the point for me here what is the concept for sell and buy online gold

and i don’t saw any master card check like amazon in this site so sell and buy here is virtual or what ?? i don’t saw any money user use in this site just forex gold ticker
and sell and buy gold

sorry again for annoy :slight_smile: