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Hi guys, I need help with forex affiliate program. Is there any one who has a great success with forex affiliate, as I am planning to step into this program.
There are few questions that I would like to clear is that how is the tracking method , payment processing, conversion rate and can I use adwords to get traffic before I go for search engine optimization. Sincere help would be really appreciated.

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I’m actually an affiliate manager for a Forex prgram - my advice would be that unless you have the time to ceate a decent list its probably not worth your while. Creating a decent list involves providing useful content to people to keep them subscribed - and that kinda implies a knowledge of the field!


There are literally hundreds of FOREX affiliate programs out there, may be thousands. But the most difficult part is to find the legit ones. There are only a few true, legit, trustworthy FOREX affiliate programs. I will tell you about a very nice, legit and trustworthy FOREX affiliate program., also known as CurrencyCompass is one of it’s unique kind.

Here’s what they have written about themselves on the website:

-Our affiliate programme is free to join.

-We want you to get rewarded for referring people to our website.

-Get recurring 20% recurring commission on all direct sign ups.

-Sign up your own affiliates and receive a further 10% recurring commission on all people they sign up.

-Track your commission balance in real-time.

-Or simply sign up 5 people to our service and get a free monthly subscription to Currency Compass.

Here’s how they say it works:

-We provide you with your own unique code to place on your website or a link in your emails. Anyone who clicks on your link is directed to our website, where they may make a purchase. If they do, we credit you with a percentage of the subscription (excluding VAT). Visitors are tracked by means of a cookie, to link their purchases to your affiliate account.

-You receive 20% recurring commission (excl VAT) on all direct sign ups.

-If you sign people up who also become affiliates, then you will receive 10% recurring commissions on all the people they sign up.

-We provide you with an online tool to generate these links quickly and without technical know how. We also provide you with a real-time reporting tool, so you can see your commissions being earned as they accrue to your account.

-Commissions are payable the first week of the new month and are based on the previous months sales.

This is a very unique program in my opinion. They are legit and paying. They have a very high sign up rate, this means they are popular too. They are offering absolutely FREE training and webinars to individuals who wish to learn to trade in FOREX. They will send you FREE daily reports every day. They will teach you how you can trade FOREX efficiently only in 15 minutes of every evening.

Affiliates will be paid at two levels with the rate of 20% for clients they bring and 10% for clients affiliates they introduce bring. Isn’t it great?


If you are looking for a good forex company to affilaite with I work with a company called www.makemoneycurrencytrading dot co dot uk that may appeal to you as they run a very honest model with high sign up rate

They run a live portfolio based on their strategy so people can actually see proof it is working. Most companies wont put their reputation on the line trading their own strategy live .It is very different than picking wining trades historically .With a live portfolio your reputation is on every trade.

They offer free training and webinars to people wishing to learn how to trade Forex. They send free daily reports every day. They teach people how to trade their strategy for free so that people are able to trade each day with just 15 minutes in the evening every day.

The trades are identified by the indicating software they have programed.They train people how to read these indicators and pick the trades.They licence this software encrypted to them for a monthly subscription.They give a 7 day free trial of their software based on their strategy.Credit card details are never given at any stage . Everything is done via paypal and people can cancel any month.Affiliate earnings are about 30 dollars a month on each sale. You get paid as long as people stay signed up.As they are making profit the retention rate is good.

They are averaging 100 pips a week on the live portfolio which you can see in the daily email and free trial

Its a very honest model with a gentle sell based on educating people and showing them they can make money from forex without dedicating their life to it. It is not get rich quick teaching.You can get a decent second income and then eventually over time build it up to something else.It has a very high sign up rate once people sign up for the free trial and get all the free training as they can see the portfolio making money. They have a 3 min video explaining what they do on the site.if you sign up there you will get the free daily emails which will give you a better idea of what they do.Just reply to one of the emails and they will set up you up with affiliate site etc.

Have you checked with CJ? If I am not mistaking they have lots of forex affiliates. The good thing also in using CJ is that you can have your commission centralized rather than dealing with individual companies.

It may not be an affiliate link, but it is pointing to your site which is full of affiliate links. If that is allowed, I’m going to make a “review” site myself with tons of affiliate links :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies dude. I had visited many forums and people over there are saying that easy forex affiliate program do not accept US and Canada traffic, if it is right then i’ll have to cut off huge percentage of traffic. What do u guys say.

Forex is highly competitive and unless you have a way to reach highly targeted prospects, I wouldn’t waste my time with it. On adwords CPC is going to be pretty high.

Thanks for the reply fahd.

I disagree, it’s all about finding the niche, and the right keywords. The keyword are competetive and expensive - true, however the payouts are very high.

for me I this month set new record :wink:

Dont trade forex. A big moeny loser. Only George Soros can trade currency and not lose money.

Become forex broker, and you’ll be making money via giving others access to trading on forex market. They win or lose - you don’t care, you get profits from turnover and pips.

so any forex affiliates?

i am interested also

You obviously have NO CLUE what you are talking about.

You need to try program. It is the best way to get money into your pocket with adwords campaign :slight_smile:

Forex does not turn clicks in to buys; do lot of research before you put your money

We do. $15 per FREE DEMO account :cool:

Forex investment is very risky. You have to study lots of marketing strategies and learn more techniques. I wouldn’t advise Newbies to go for it quickly unless they practice little bit in dummy sites with dummy plans.


I think if you are not familiar with forex system itself, it is difficult to be a master forex affiliate.

Only if you have tried out the system and you feel it is beneficial to users, it will be convincing in your recommendations.