Forcing modals to parent app's monitor

I’m running Windows 7.

Does anyone know of a tool out there which will force all modal windows opened from a program to open on the monitor that the parent application is in? nVidia’s nView program did this in XP, but nVidia in all it’s knowledge, decided to only make nView on Windows 7 for their Quaddro cards (And I’m a gamer who uses GeForce)

For those who’d ask, I have a Sony 32" TV as Primary Monitor, and then to my left as the Extended desktop and Monitor 2, I have a Wacom 21UX Cintiq. This issue happens in multiple apps, but I’ll use Photoshop for example.

> Open PS, opens in Monitor 1. Move it to Monitor 2.
> Open a modal in PS, it opens in Monitor 1, manually move it to Monitor 2.
> Close PS. Open PS, opens in Monitor 2. Move it to Monitor 1.
> Open a modal in PS, it opens in Monitor 2, manually move it to Monitor 1.

Note that when I don’t use my 21UX I have it powered off, so when the modal opens on a powered off monitor, it’s a hassle to turn it on just to see it and drag it over.

Why Windows doesn’t have this option built into Window management is beyond me. You’d think it would be the default nature an app in a monitor would be forced to.

I have bought and used DisplayFusion, which the owner told me afterwards it was incapable of doing what he had previously said it would do. I have spoken with the people from Ultramon but they have not responded to me in over a week.

*** Also, I would LOVE a tool that came with a feature that would prohibit the mouse from moving over to Monitor 2 while I had the monitor off (I could toggle a mode in the program to let it know the monitor was off) I find my cursor no where on my primary monitor as I flail the mouse around trying to find where it is.