Hi everybody,

I am a newbie here and I am bit interested in graphic design and photography. I have one question: do you think that Flickr is a good way to promote your work? (nothing professional, just a way to have fun). Should I invest my time to do so?

Thanks for answering!

Flickr is one way to do so, but it would not hurt to also use Pinterest and Instagram.

There are a lot of website where you can promote your work, yes Flickr is useful, Flickr is also good for image sharing.

Yep, Flickr drives in you a better exposure as its been a reputed image sharing site for long time. Besides, you could also make your presence in Pinterest, a brand new step in for image and information sharing. These two would be a great go to your work piece.

If I’m not mistaken, one can only upload pictures on Instagram using mobiles phones. Anyway, if your photos are beautiful and interesting, people would likely pin in on Pinterest. Yes, investing time in Flickr is always worth it, specially if you want to become a serious photographer in the long run, you can showcase your photos there.

If it is just for fun - Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook fan-page. If your photos are with a theme - u can make a decent FB fan-page to work for you :slight_smile:

as Flicker is supported by Yahoo its a best way to share what you click or your art work… other Photosharing websites are also available… Like Pinterest and Instargram also…

The Choice is yours…

Oll D Best

Yes…but I think, Instagram is better than flickr & pinterest… it comes as app, you can directly click and upload your images…its good for personal as well as professional use…all the best !!

Why not use deviantart for your graphic designs.

Thank you for your opinions, I guess Instagram is only for mobiles right? I am thinking about deviantart too, and we will see what will work the best :slight_smile: once again, thanks!

Deviant art is good and has been around for ages, but I think (although I don’t have the stats) that Flicker is maybe more popular. I find it is easier to navigate and that may be the reason why.

Yes. I’ve seen that some of the picture that I placed on flickr reached first results in google. So yes … give it a shot.

I dont think Flickr will help you promote your designs, its best promoting on Facebook, Instagram, Deviant art.

Definitely! Flickr is free a well. It’s a really user-friendly site. It’s easy to do postings, add descriptions, and stuffs. There are also famous sites like instagram, pinterest (which is really famous these days), and photobucket. There’s also twitter and facebook.

instagram only for mobile and the size is limited. you can check out devianART

For photography, Flickr is great. It is the industry standard and you can show off your photos so easily.
For graphics design though, I think Deviantart is a better place to show off your creations.

Try photobucket instead

Why? what are the advantages of photobucket over Flicker or Deviant Art. If you are going to recommend something, please state your reasons for your recommendation.

You’re absolutely right - my bad here.
I like photobucket over Flickr for number of reasons:

  • You have much more space for uploading. When I was making a photogallery 2 years ago, photobucket was giving 10GB of space, while Flickr was giving couple hundred MB
  • I like layouts of photobucket much more, even though they may take a bit more time to load
  • Maybe that’s just me, but editing pictures and description is easier for me in photobucket

The only thing that drives me nuts (in a bad sense) with photobucket is it’s account sharing options - I can’t find the options for adding another editor to the album =(

Also, this comparison goes only regarding Free Accounts.
And I’ve never used Deviant Art =(

I had a personal photo website/blog before… but I reduced him to a small gallery last year, because I don’t want to spend updating the blog anymore, while I’m updating my Flickr Photostream too.

I was okay with the amount visitors I got, but not with the amount of comments/feedback.
When I post exactly the same photos on my Flickr account, I get a lot less visitors, but a lot more comments/feedback.

For me, the most important is a few comments instead of the quantity of silent visitors.
I even doubt to quit my personal website and only post further on Flickr, that is a community. Why have both?

Maybe I’ll stop my small website too… and only keep my domain name transferring to my Flickr Photostream instead…
No more spending time in updating more than 1 thing…