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Hi fellow photographers,

Just wanted to share with anyone that is keen to expand their love of photography. If you are looking for a place to put your work up, join a helpful photography community and even sell your art online then this place is for you. Its called and is an amazing place to be encouraged and inspired to continue pursuing your love of photography.
Although you can sell your art there, its unlikely you will make a living on it from there as it is really just an artists community. The folks there are very friendly and supportive and you will get a lot of positive responses regardless of your level of skill, from newbie to pro.

Hope this helps you guys and keep shooting

Thanks for sharing that valuable information @Wildfire71

On a similar note, when I attended SIGGRAPH this past year I met a really energetic, warm and friendly group who represented Pond5 which is trying to be a little more than yet another stock photo exchange site.

well i use photobucket for picture sharing. its very good and lots of websites have option for photobucket sharing links

@hthomas – Photo bucket, flicker, picasa are all sites meant for consumers to share their photos with friends and family. I believe the sites mentioned by @Wildfire71 and @ParkinT are meant for professionals to share their work with each other.

You are right. that’s the reason I said I will check these too :slight_smile:

Flickr is the only one of those sites that I use, and I wouldn’t say that it’s not for pros. I’ve heard of pro photogs getting work as a result of their flickr portfolios, and Getty actively uses Flickr to recruit new stock photographers. I think they even have some sort of distribution channel through flickr. It’s definitely a good option for professionals.

well i would say Photobucket is obviously a good option but i went there and find out that this isn’t a bad option either!

Great stuff that you just shared!

Thanks for that!

Actually redbubble is not for professionals (although there are many there), its for anyone that loves taking photos, shirt designs, painting, drawing ect and wish to share with others. Its also a great community as there are many groups to join and participate in challenges and support and encourage each other in a positive environment.
If you want to advance with photography it will help you gain skills and confidence no matter what skill level you are at.
If you wanna say hi there just look for Lickapop and I will answer :wink: