Flaticon not showing on template

I am looking to use a template I got online but for some reason the flaticons are not showing, I have got the font files in the fonts folder of the directory but don’t understand why the flaticons are not showing

could anyone help. The url is https://www.beechwoodsolutions.co.uk…nine/index.php

Thank you in advance


Hi there ianhaney1,

your CSS for these HTML items…

   <i class="flaticon-clock-1"></i>

   <i class="flaticon-envelope"></i>

   <i class='fa flaticon-technology'></i>

…does not appear to include…

    font-family: Flaticon;

Unfortunately, I was unable to ascertain whether
these actual content values were correct…

.flaticon-clock-1::before {
    content: "\f122";
    font-family: Flaticon; /* this value is missing  */

.flaticon-envelope::before {
    content: "\f120";
    font-family: Flaticon; /* this value is missing  */

.flaticon-technology::before {
    content: "\f121";
    font-family: Flaticon; /* this value is missing  */



I have the following in the css/flaticon.css stylesheet, I did add font-family: Flaticon to the css so was like yours above but still didn’t show the icon

[class^="flaticon-"]:before, [class*=" flaticon-"]:before,
[class^="flaticon-"]:after, [class*=" flaticon-"]:after {   
  font-family: Flaticon;
        font-size: 20px;
font-style: normal;
margin-left: 20px;

then you must verify the content values. :winky:


How do I verify the content values?

Hi there ianhaney1,

this is the method that I use to find CSS content values…

I downloaded your Flaticon.ttf file, saved it to Windows fonts,
then opened it the Character Map, but was unable to find
any icon that would be relevant to these items…
“Opening Time”, “Email Us” or “Call Us Now”. :unhappy:

Try it yourself. :winky:

I would suggest that you go back to Flaticon and try again,
or, failing that, try a different supplier.


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Thank you, will try that in the morning, failing that I will try font awesome instead

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