Font icon not showing properly?

Hello folks,

I have a problem i am using icon font… but for some reason the icons are not showing properly see screenshot… the envelope for example spacing in icon corner… when i zoom to 150% i don’t see it anymore… in Chrome and FIrefox i have this problem but IE8+ don’t… can somebody help?


/* Contact Page Icons */
#get-help .icon-envelope,
#get-help .icon-phone,
#get-help .icon-chat {
  font-size: 50px;
	color: #ef5827;

	<section id="get-help" class="section section-gray hr-bot">
		<div class="container-fluid text-center">
			<h2 class="sec-title">Get help from WordPress excerpts</h2>
			<div class="sec-desc">Our team of WordPress excerpts are here to help</div>
			<div class="gh-contact">
				<div class="ghc-col">
					<a href="#">
						<span class="thumb"><i class="icon-envelope"></i></span>
						<h3>Open a ticket</h3>
						<p>Reach us by email</p>
				<div class="ghc-col ghc-col-2">
					<a href="#">
						<span class="thumb"><i class="icon-phone"></i></span>
						<h3>Give us a call</h3>
						<p>085 401 5321</p>
				<div class="ghc-col ghc-col-3">
					<a class="pointer" onclick="toggleChat()">
						<span class="thumb"><i class="icon-chat"></i></span>
						<h3>Chat with us</h3>
						<p>Immediate answers</p>
			<p class="mbn small"><em>Standard support hours are M-F 9am-7pm CDT and 24/7 emergency support.</em></p>

can somebody help me?


Can you set up this example on codepen? Or get a live example working?

Hi Ryan,

There you go.

MY icons are not crispy… it’s missing some parts take a good look at the icon when you zoom in everythings is fine… i tried everything font-smoothing et etc…

Are you sure you gave us the right page? I don’t see your screenshotted section on that page.

Link is here, @RyanReese:

@n_merciano - I’m not seeing a problem with either Firefox 39 or Chromium 43 on Ubuntu Gnome 15.04. (Firefox I have set to zoom text-only.) I’ve tested both to over 200% zoom.

I did, however, notice a recurring typo in “WordPress excerpts”. I’m sure you mean “WordPress experts”.

I tested as well on Chrome and FF, 200% zoom as well. No issues :frowning: .

@TechnoBear Thanks for the updated link.

I replaced the font icon thanks anway man!

Thanks for the update sir… yea i noticed the “excerpts” thanks!!

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