Can get teachers logo to appear :-(

Good afternoon from locked down but sunny 14° C York, UK

From a purchased template Iḿ building this site:

Here is my progress so far:

My specific problem is getting the image icon / logo to appear to the left of main header ´Private Teachers´ (it looks like a little flag). Ive used code inspector to see what type of entity it is but I.m confused & whilst i have uploaded the image ito my images folder it just doesnt appear.

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Well, David, you still have several resources giving a page not found error. Most of them seem to be icon fonts - maybe it includes the main icon you’re missing…

OK right let me dig into the folders Ive downloaded and see what i can see :slight_smile:

OK whilst i still have the problem but I am one step closer… Ive learnt what’s missing is this font icon “Bookmark” e.g.

Now my next job is to figure out why its not showing despite me uploading a folder called “Fonts”.

But you still have several missing files and other errors:

Whether these are your problem I can’t tell, but they should be fixed before trying to find the problem elsewhere.

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Thank you for illustrating this, I’m now battling with a painfully slow connection to get the web fonts uploaded :slight_smile:

Ok I hope the screen shot shows I have uploaded the font file, now I need to understand If something is missing in the HTML or CSS to explain why no web font icons are showing, wish me luck!

Yep Ive bitten off more than i can chew :frowning: The Web Fonts / Icons dont show & Ive no idea how to fix and surprise surprise the technical support available with the package is not available right now :frowning:

Decided to remove all code referring to web font icons, chop out the bits that just dont work so bye web font icons, i cant handle trying to make them work any more so this is CASE CLOSED STATUS



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