How to improve gif image quality in flash cs4

Hello all ! i am facing a great problem in flash cs4 … when i export my flash to animated gif then the picture is going to bad :frowning: . is it possible to improve image quality in flash cs4 ?

Please help me …

Export as an image sequence, then import to photoshop and use it to ‘save for web’ to gif as it has far better optimisation parameters than flash has for gifs

First solution, don’t try to make animated gif (256 color) from jpg (millions of colors, compressed to the nines). The algo just isn’t there that can calculate the best colors to use. Not only that, jpeg is rasterized, where as GIF is essentially a bit map of sorts, mapped to 256 palette code points. Apples and oranges that don’t mix or get along.

Best to start with a GIF (or PNG 8 ) collection in your assets, and create the animation frame by frame. Then you can be sure to have the result you want.