Flash Script - Load a Text File Into Flash

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this doesnt work?

you forgot that you need the “&” between variables… so you would need this…

text1=This is text1
&text2=This is text2

It doesn’t load the text2 variable
text.txt =
text1=any text[enter]
text2=any text[enter]
closed and saved file, it only load text1 var
I’m using flash mx 2004

what should i do?

doesnt work at all.

Put it all on one line:
text1=This is text1&text2=This is text2

to make it work you have to write “text1” in the “var” field in the properties of text1 field and so on with text2

I’ve tried it, nothing wrong with the code. It works!!!

Nothing wrong with the code.
But it only works if you take the advice of bothe silverdeath and Kristoff.

The text wont appear, i also tried to take the advise of silverdeath.

No, that won’t work. The text in the file needs to be.

&text1=This is text1
&text2=This is text2

any idea how to do a line break?

If you 'd search the Help docs that come with Flash, you’d have your answer.

A carriage return is
A new Line is \

Any ideas how to make this text SCROLL horizontaly from one side of the text box to another? For example - from left to right :slight_smile: ?

Its working completely fine…

But when i apply the same technique to the text inside the movieclip then it fails… ANY suggestions… Please Help Thank You