Load text from Mysql database into Flash

Hi, I haven’t used Flash in a while and have come accross a problem…any help would be greatly appreciated with this.

I have a Flash file (currently using CS3) that I need to import data from a MySql database into. (I only require one field of data not an array)

The database is able to be manipulated using a CMS I have plugged in but the client would like a scroller on their site that displays one of the fields and therefore can be updated using the CMS. I have looked around but most of the information available for this is a little complex for my inferior programming knowledge. I understand I will have to retrieve the info. from the database and display it as a variable on a php page but am unsure how to do this. I can display the info on the page but how do I then give this value to a variable?

I also know I will then need to import this variable into my flash file. I have done this before using a .txt file but I am completely stuck when it comes to a PHP file.

I guess I am hoping someone can show me a really basic way to do this, please note my PHP and Flash skills are at quite a low level as I am a designer most of the time.

As mentioned any help would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling with this quite a bit.

Maybe see the following for details.Me being solid more too.


Use php echo to output the data from the database

Load the php file the same as you did for your text file