Flash Portfolio Indexed by Google

Hi everyone. I am currently in dev with a flash website, but I am now having concerns about weather the flash information will be indexed. Has anyone had any experience making a flash side that had indexible content for google? Would I simply build 2 versions of the site or make sure that each flash frame is loaded on a separate URL. I want to use flash because my portfolio has several videos and interactive design demos and I think it would loose its professional touch with a simple blog layout or css attributes.

To my knowledge, Google can’t index text from a flash site so one option I have considered is simply stuffing keywords being the flash player window so that there as at least some text to index for google.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Also, embed your swf using swfobject and provide some alternate html content in your swfobject div that is representative of your content, don’t ‘stuff’

i think the better way is to go for a hybrid website. with the revolution of JS scripts especially jQuery you can achieve most of the interactivity which we used to get with flash. otherwise you can put the indexable data in html and use small flash animations where needed. for SEO you dont only need to be indexed with just the text there are many other elements which you cant achieve with flash.

It’s always a nightmare of web designers to have a customer with a fully Flash website that comes to you and says “get me to the top!” You can’t see what’s in the Flash animation if you’re Google. Sure, Flash tries to list what text is in there, but Google’s not looking for that. Best thing to do? Don’t make an all-Flash site. Make what you need to have Flash, then write QUALITY content for the rest and optimize it.