First computer ever!

hi friends!
Are you little aware of the computer history? I am confused about the first computer ever. was that Abacus or ENIAC?

can you kill my confusion giving some factual information?

first computer ever was the human body

this computer allows you to count up to 20 items (21 if you’re male, lol)


Why would you pick an abacus or eniac as your only choices? Computing devices have been evolving and building on earlier implementations throughout all history, beginning as Rudy said with the body. I’m guessing piles of stones are probably 2nd.

There were very sophisticated analog computers through the 1st half of the 20th century (and earlier). I was lucky enough to see a targeting computer on a US battleship once, and it was a pretty amazing computer from the pre-digital days. In fact, the military artillery targeting problem was the motivitation for creating electronic digital computers such as Eniac.

There are some pretty good websites on computer history, and it’s an interesting subject.

Just like you guys! There is a lonng debate on this topic on almost every site i visit :s well thanks anyway