What's the greatest invention of all time?

What you think about it? I think its production of electric city from soil.

[OT]I did not know that Poes.
It makes total sense though. I just insert mindless thugs here.
Did YOU know that measurable individual IQs decrease as people gather in groups?

To quote Dr. House - “People don’t bug me until about the time they grow teeth!”
or self-righteousness leading to pitchforks and torches.[/OT]

For the time being it’s cell phone.

My brain - without it you imaginary friends and fairytale people would have never come into existence. :slight_smile:


An item used to attach shiny beads to other objects in such a way as to make them dazzle.

Once an extremely popular infomercial item.

For me I think the all time greatest invention for me are:

The valves/tubes that they replaced was a more significant invention. Transistors just made the circuits smaller (and microchips made them even smaller).

In the last century, the transistor.

language or the wheel boot
I can’t decide

[FONT=“Georgia”]- Science!


[FONT=“Georgia”]- The camera!


[FONT=“Georgia”]Really hard to decide.

Depends on how you define, “greatest”.

Off the top of my head I’m thinking,

  • The telescope
  • The car
  • The airplane
  • The printing press
  • The Internet
  • The atomic bomb
  • The gun
  • The radio
  • Television
  • Stone tools (as Rob said)
  • Vaccination
  • Art !
  • Philosophy (the ones that make sense, that is)
  • Music
  • Law


mankind. oh, waith… thats not really an invention - or is it…?

The stone axe :slight_smile:

Without that no inventions would have been possible, even the wheel :slight_smile:

internet… No doubt

The wheel.


thats a tough question…but i guess internet would be my top choice

The invention of wheel, Television,internet,Google… and Lip gloss and Mascara!

Maybe lasagne :slight_smile:
or computers