Thinking about moving to Australia

I’m thinking about moving to Australia. I live in the UK and it’s just a bit too cold, crowded and expensive. I’m a pretty good web developer, I’ve designed and built several successful web applications over about 10 years. I currently manage the social media strategy for a UK fast track 100 company.

Does anyone have any suggestions about the best way to go? Melbourne looks nice :eek:

Come on over…:weee:

a few years ago Melbourne was ranked “Most liveable city” and this year still ranks no. 3 :slight_smile:

dude, come to Toronto – way better than Melbourne

will you be here for the Boxing Day Test?

yep :slight_smile:

England all out for 260 on Day 1 in Brisbane.

Australia resuming at 0-25 on Day 2…but a long way to go in this Test.

more or less, yeah – it’s about a 35-day walk

i don’t go ~anywhere~, christmas or otherwise

if you’re already at the centre of the universe, why go somewhere else? :smiley:

canada’s economic engine, plenty of high-tech organizations, clean and safe streets, and lots of free beer – even warm beer, if that’s what you like

I’d like to be, I think we’re playing you guys this year :wink:

Toronto is close to New York isn’t it. Do you ever go there for Christmas? What is there in Toronto for a web developer? :slight_smile:

Kalon is this the right link? I suspected a list of liveable cities?

It’s sad, we invented cricket but we pretty much suck at it. Nice birthday present for Siddle though :frowning:

ooooopppss no :headbang: :badpc:

I meant

still ranked no. 3

and if you are interested in more info on Melbourne generally, there is

Melbourne’s Official Website

Why do you want to move so far for?

I wouldn’t get too discouraged yet :wink:

We Aussies aren’t travelling that well atm and England is favourite (at least in our press) to retain The Ashes.

On paper there isn’t much between the 2 sides so I hope we get a close series…but at the end I hope we win :slight_smile:

I’m a bit fed up with England, and if I’m going to move, it might as well be somewhere nice :slight_smile: Australia looks pretty good, lots of space and sunshine, plus it’s the home of Sitepoint :slight_smile:

I heard that, playa. SitePoint is making serious $gUaP$ when it comes to making money online. I have yet to visit England and Australia. Hopefully, I’ll get to see it someday, after I get out of being broke.

Oh man, there’s only 30 days to go :slight_smile:

Australia? If you like to have a Big Brother that tells you what you can look at, what to think and so on then go on. :rolleyes:

I say no to the country that breaks the human rights to privacy and to freedom of speech.

Wow, that was an eye opener! The Ozicans are cool though, and is it really fair to blame a country’s citizens for it’s whacked out gov’t?

Whatever you have done in studies and seeking for own business or job, i 'll suggest you that must go for Australia.
Because Australia has much opportunities than UK in now a days and Australian economy is very stable than UK and you 'll have more chances to get success, and as well more beautiful and weather is also moderate.

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Exactly. It’s full of stupid, stupid people, called Bogans. They are a sub-class of human being.

I’d second what (=webmaster=) & NetNerd said. Internet capabilities are sub-standard at best and terrible in comparison to other countries. You have to drive EVERYWHERE and 80% of the people that live here are… well… not the most pleasant of people.