First 2 characters missing from web page filename

This is really weird - to me, anyway.
I’m using VSCode and have php server installed. When I start the server, the browser tries to open the page but with the first 2 characters of the filename missing.

For example:
I’m working on index.php.
The browser tries to open dex.php

Any ideas? could this be Liver Server, PHP or Apache?



I’m not using Live Server, but I’ve used the simple http server so I have some thoughts. :slight_smile:

I don’t think the browser is the culprit so I assume it works OK when you type the url in the address field.

Then how does it get the erroneous url at reload? Where does the faulty open command come from?

Reading up on Live Server, my guess would be the Live Server parameters, especially the file parameter if you’re working on a single file and not using the name of the file.

I assume you are using it from the command line, if so check the options in the .live-server.json file (if it exists, likely in your home dir).

I have no idea, but only a guess. Might the “in” be getting interpreted as a command?

If you rename “index.php” to “home.php” does it try to open “me.php”?

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