Problem With My Local Server

Hello all,
I have been building a simple website for the last week and have just recently noticed something wrong on my local server. Now, in general the php works, I just installed vbulletin on my server and it works fine, it uses various lines of php and everything works fine. Other full packages like zen photo and more work fine as well. However, when I use a single line of php in my pages, it doesn;t show up, no error codes or anything, just nonexistent! After I realized that it wasn’t me, I created a small php file and named it test.php, in the file was a single line of code <? echo “Hello World” ; ?> … It doesn’t show up, I then uploaded to my remote server, it works fine… Please help as this is very frustrating… It also seems very weird that all the rest of the php files (3rd party packages work without a hitch) and mine dont… Thanx in advance for your help…

right click > view html source

I bet you see your php code. If so, either use full <?php tag, or enable short_open_tag in php.ini

In php.ini what is “short_open_tag” set to on your local server?

Nope, there is nothing there… Just a blank page

It is set to On…

Ok, Ok, I had to restart my server once I changed the ini settings, Thank you guys so much, you a made a terrible problem, nothing more than a slight headache!