Firefox 3.5 now the most used browser in the world

According to StatCounter over the last few days, Firefox 3.5 is the most used browser version in the world; more used than any single version of IE.

firefox is a must for every webmaster, plug inns are really useful… Its a user friendly and good one except for that it crashes often

But if you use then IE6 is the most used :slight_smile:

I’ve only had about 2 times where Firefox has crashed. How many addons do you have running?

statowl and w3counter also both disagree that ff3.5 is the most popular too, not sure how much of a useful stat these are as IE across various versions is still way higher. Encouraging progress though.

It is all going to depend on which stats you look at since all are worked out based on visitors to different sites or groups of sites.

Looking at the stats for my main site FF 3.5 has more users than any two versions of IE added together but for that site you’d expect fewer people to be using IE.

shouldnt all web browsers be a must for all webmasters? - firefox never crashes on me :nono:

Yes. If you haven’t tested your page in at least IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, and Lynx then you haven’t finished testing your web page.

Felgall is right it depends on what sites you look at. I still think IE has more users overall.

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It doesn’t even matter what source you look at, this is a meaningless claim regardless of how it’s founded.

“Firefox 3.5 is the most used browser version.”

As someone on another site commented (I don’t remember which or I’d link it): This is like claiming Toyota is the most popular car maker, because the Toyota Camry has 23% market share, while the 2007 Honda Civic has 21% and the 2008 Honda Civic 19%.

That is claiming that the Toyota Camry is the most popular model, not that it is necessarily the most popular car. Of course as you say it doesn’t actually mean much since all of the cars basically do the same job.

In the case of browsers the differences between the different versions of most browsers are relatively slight except with IE where IE6, IE7, and IE8 have more differences between them than the differences between Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. This means that while the version of Firefox referred to isn’t greatly important but the versions of IE are significant. Presumably a specific version of Firefox was specified for the comparison because of the significance of the different versions of IE that it is being compared to.

Taking my own site as an example: Firefox 3.5 is definitely the most popular browser version for people visiting my site. This month about 27% of my visitors have used Firefox 3.5 (and 41% used some version of Firefox). The next most popular browser version is IE8 with about 15% with IE7 in third place with 14% and IE6 fourth with 13% (and about 43% used some version of IE but since each version of IE is so different that isn’t really all that important).

Given the similarity between a lot of the browsers my site stats are probably most usefully read as - standard compliant browsers 72%, IE7 14%, IE6 13%.

It is really the percentages of the IE6 and IE7 users that are the ones worth actually tracking since all of the other significant browsers work similarly enough so as to not need to distinguish between them most of the time.

To be fair, I wouldn’t downplay the statistics, it does show that while Internet Explorer in total is still the market leader (the stats for that are misleading), it’s good to see another browser penetrate the market to a considerable extent that it’s actually getting those kind of announcements. I also heard in recent news that Chrome has overtaken Safari usage making it the third most popular browser (though i’ve yet to see the corresponding statistics to back it up). :slight_smile:

For my site Chrome has been 3rd for a long time - currently Chrome 7.1% and Safari 3.6% - it used to be much closer but Chrome overtook Safari almost immediately after release as far as my site stats are concerned.

Yes I do realise that the stats for my site are not typical and I can explain why there is almost no difference between the percentages of IE and Firefox users (42% and 41% respectively) but I still don’t have an explanation for the recent jump in Chrome to about 1-1/2 times what it was only a couple of months ago. If other sites saw a similar jump in Chrome use at the same time then it would be just ahead of Safari as you heard.

The timing has favored FF3.5.Firefox was a great success at the part of Internet Explorer 7.The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the Awesome Bar, learns as people use it.

Firefox all the way. I still have internet explorer but I just use it to test. I haven’t really browsed the web with Internet explorer since my windows 98 computer. And that computer is now a server sitting in my closet.

I now use that old computer for testing purposes and hosting a few images or whatever here and there.

It is the best browser.Little heavy than SeaMonkey.But its plugins are awesome.

Now latest versions were released

Definitely it is. Everybody uses it.

I’ve got FF3.5 aswel at home. A must.
I like the google search bar integrated, but I’m not used to use it, it’s not a habit, so I still type in the adress bar for some reason.

I like the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- in FF.

Do you guys use plug-ins very often? And which ones?
In Opera, there are Widgets :slight_smile: