What is your example of "Link Earning"

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We know that, Google is avoiding Link-Building, Today. They like Link-Earning. I think Natural Link=Quality Link, Finally we earn link.

So What is the best practice for link earning? I mean do you have any good example of this term [Link Earning]?

There is a Google blog post here which might help:

It’s a few years old, but I think the advice is still good. And a video from Matt Cutts which might provide some ideas:


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SitePoint links are nofollow, and therefore of no use as backlinks. Nor do we allow links in posts unless strictly relevant and necessary; you cannot add a “signature” link here.

But you can place a link to your site in your Profile, and if you provide genuine replies, other members may choose to visit your Profile and also your site, so it could gain you a little traffic. But it will not gain you a backlink.

And I think the whole point of “earned” links is that they are the ones you cannot place yourself.


Now the days most of the seo services company knows that link earning is most important things in SEO,because it is the effective way to increase SERP result of the website and
built authority as well, and earning link via content you published on your
site is the best way to compete in your industry.

There is a blog post here which might help:

How can we say link earning is the best strategy to increase search engeine rankings, google has to find it we have quality links. actually google checks the content from both of the sites, if related content is there on our own site and other site which we got backlink from, then it will be considered as quality link…

I think you’re missing the point. It will not be considered a quality link if you placed it there yourself.

Suppose I have a site for a bicycle shop. I could join every cycling-related forum I could find, and place links all over them - in my profile, my signature or my posts. But those links will not be considered quality, simply because I put them there myself. A quality link comes from a quality site choosing to link to yours. So a single link from - for example - a well-known cycling blogger, is likely to do me more good than any number of self-placed links.

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Personally for me, I don’t play googles game like I did before. Paid advertising is where it’s at right now if you know what you are doing.

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