File transfer from one hosting to another

I bought a hosting but it doesn’t serve me well so I decided to change it and go for another hosting. Now I can’t figure out how I can move all my files to the new hosting. Though I’ve changed the domain name system still, I am not able to transfer all my files.

Don’t you have a copy of the website on your local PC?

I am not aware of it. And I had check it but find nothing, should I go for file zila to transfer all my files.

How you transfer a site depends on how the site is constructed.

If it is Wordpress or other dynamic site, you have to transfer both files and database content. Sometimes the new host will help you with the transfer.

If it is a static site, you sometimes can download all files to your computer and upload to the new host. Normally easier.

I changed my hosting company and they offered free migration, I gave them my info and they took care of everything. Entered my url one day and was one server, next day up and running on new server, including Wordpress. Ask new host about migration.


You can refer to this page for your solution.

Hope that helps.

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