How to move files to a new hosting account

I am looking to move my hosting to an new account. What is the easy way to do this?


I would download everything I wanted to move using FTP. Store it on my local hard drive until the new Host was ready. Then using FTP upload everything.

My sites are not all that large, so there may be a better way for large sites.

The easiest way to do this will depend on the type of site you have. If your site is static HTML/CSS it would be best to use an FTP client to download your files and then use it again to upload them to your new host.

In any case your host should be more than happy to move your site for you.


The easiest way to do that is ask your new web hosting company to help. In 95% cases they will do that with pleasure.

If it is LINUX hosting on cPanel/WHM, you can backup your website with backup utility in cPanel and provide this backup to new host to restore.

Good luck