File Management Plugin for Wordpress?

Anyone know of a good file management plugin for Wordpress 2.5 and up? I plan on having a lot of Word and PDF files for download (which is the reason I need this). I would like to be able to organize these files by type, date, or category, if possible…

If you upload them to your media library, you should be able to keep track of them

That’s true, but can you think of any plugins that have evolved from what comes straight out of the can? For example, let’s say I wanted to allow for only authors (not editors or anonymous visitors) to be able to download only the text files that are uploaded to the media library and while doing that, only provide the authors with the top 5 most downloaded. How could something like THAT be done? Of course, this could be done with a bunch of hacked PHP and queries, but I was hoping that there might be a plugin that took care of something like this and instead of making everyone do the leg work, I just thought that asking about a general file management plugin would give me a good place to start…

I hesitate to reply because I’m sure you have done a plug in search using the search term file management. However, on the page of file management plugins, I saw one that might be what you want: Secure Files by Trevor Turk. The home page is

Thanks Linda. I’ll give that a shot and see what comes from it.

For anyone interested, I found something else, too, that could prove useful: