WordPress CMS: File Handling


I am working on a site for a client who uses WordPress as a CMS. We’re looking to have a section on the site, where the client can upload PDF Press Releases. I’d love for those to then be accessible via various widgets (latest uploads on the sidebar, etc). Instead of using WordPress’ default “Add Media” option, something that would automatically show files in chronological order or allow some sorting would be great.

Does anyone know of a module or tutorial for WP 2.8.x that will do this?

Actually, you may need to look into a well designed template for wordpress. Many new templates out there turn wordpress into a CMS. They do this buy having add-ons and plugins that basically allow CMS functions. This is what i did for a site that i am building. I will be posting it soon for everyone to check out in the next few weeks.

Do a google search for “wordpress cms template” or “wordpress cms themes”.