How to convert flash movie (SWF) for YouTube


I have some flash movies in swf format that I am looking to put on YouTube. Does anyone know the best way to go about this without losing quality.


Depends on what the swf contains. If the swf is an animation i.e tweened shapes, movieclips and graphics, then from flash you can output this to a video instead of a swf. This could be a QuickTime or .avi and you would want to do this at a high quality, as YouTube will recompress this to various formats with an attendant generation of quality loss. If you do not have the original .fla source file you might be able to decompile one from the swf.

If the swf contains a video, then you should ideally go back to the source of the video and use that rather than transcode the swf to an interim format for upload, which will then result in 3 generations of quality loss including the one that placed the video inside the swf.

I agree above. I’ve tried that before but it was my friend who uploaded the video on Youtube.

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Thanks everyone.

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