Fetch using POST, data changed when retrieved in php file

I am having a problem where a fetch using POST data which seems to be appending “#0” to a POST item.
The code which invokes the POST function

    POST({'family': fn, 'mode': 'no-cors', 'cmd': "ged", 'ged': JSON.stringify(ged)});

The POST function which handles http requests

let POST = async function(args) {
    let fd = new FormData();
        fd.append('family', localStorage.getItem('family'));
    for (const item in args) {
        console.log(item + " : " + args[item]);
        fd.append(item, args[item]);
    let response = await fetch('import.php', {method : 'POST', body : fd});
    let txt = await response.text();
    let reply = $responseObj(txt);
    if(reply.json) {
        if(reply.json.status === "ok") {
//            popup(reply.json.data);
        } else {
            return false;
    } else {
        return txt;

I have plonked a console.log to show the items and their values when appending them to the formData object

console log showing the formData items(except the data which is quite large )
family : TEST1
import.js:72 mode : no-cors
import.js:72 cmd : ged

console log showing part of the error message returned by the php file
“data”:“Unknown cmd sent in POST request. cmd: ged#0 {main}”

The php file just runs the cmd through a switch statement and returns an error message when an unknown command is received.
I did wonder if the #0 may be because the cmd item was the first item in the object parameter and the first item added to the formData object so I changed the order of the items with no change.
I have no idea what the cause of this is.
The app was working 12 months or so ago.

This text is a part of PHP error message, it isn’t related to your data and shows part of stack trace (#0 supposed to be a step number and {main} means that error occurred in the first called file).

Look at this sample error message:

So check that your PHP switch-statement really contains ged case

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I’m wondering if the ged value, which is different from the other literal string values in the POST(…) call, in that it is shown with double-quotes, didn’t pickup some smart/curly quotes or non-printing characters due to copy/pasting?

Try deleting and retyping all the characters that make up the ‘cmd’: ..., value

Thanks for that insight.
I changed the logic in the php file where testing the POST data and problem solved.

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