Completely confused by formdata.append value

This is probably obvious but cannot work out the isse

Form code

			<form id="new_patient" method="post" action="process.php?opt=reg"> 
				<h1>Create a New Patient Account</h1>
				<span>Enter Patient details below, fields marked with "*" are required</span>
				<div id="status"><br /></div>
							<label for="fname">First Name: *</label>
							<input type="text" name="fname" id="fname" placeholder="Enter your First Name" required autofocus size="50" maxlength="40" />

Okay straight forward, would expect the value entered to be in “fname”.

Submit button

<button type="submit" onClick="javascript:ajax_post();">Create Account</button>

Which is working and calling ajax_post.

js code

	// Assign object properties
	alert("okay doing js");
	formdata.append("opt", "reg");
	formdata.append("title", _("title").value);
	formdata.append("fn", _("fname").value);"POST", "process.php");

	// So what was returned, error or not
	hr.onreadystatechange = function() {
		if(hr.readyState == 4 && hr.status == 200) {
			var return_data = hr.responseText;
			document.getElementById("status").innerHTML = return_data;
	// Send the data to PHP now ... and wait for response to update the status div
	document.getElementById("status").innerHTML = "processing...";

Successfully calls process.php with post values, however a loop through $_POST indicates

`title: mr
fname: tim

( ! ) Notice: Undefined index: fn in C:\webpages\holistic\process.php on line 55``

I would have expected js to pass fn rather than fname ?!??!???!?!??!?!?!?

Oops, never mind there was an action on the form d’uh

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