Feedback about SitePoint on Discourse

Fair feedback, let’s see what @system thinks.

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  1. Is it possible to refine the structure of these discussions? For example, the “sub-discussions” are denoted with the ‘+’ sign and so upon clicking on it, said sub-discussions are revealed. The awkward thing about this current setup is that the original “parent” discussions remain in place while the subs are now visible, too, thereby effectively duplicating the content on the page and making the overall readability very disorienting. Is this something that can be modified with the user settings? If not, will it be?

  2. It’s my early understanding that the homepage of the forum (index) allows for some level of customization in terms of what’s displayed via the user settings. I haven’t explored this in depth yet, but I’m curious if it’s possible to categorize the forum groups into our own genres (i.e. - Front-End, Back-End, Other, etc.)? At present, nothing appears to be organized at all and while I know this is all new and early, I’m hoping that this is on your radar of things to fix or if it’s configurable by the user settings?

  3. Can we expect additional style changes? For example, I envision a cool background of some sort… Nothing too gaudy or anything but at least something to subtract the level of bland I’m seeing. I mean, hey, I’m not dismissing the hard work I’m sure you’ve all put into this, but c’mon: just because we’re geeks doesn’t mean we have to look the part, right? :slight_smile: Out of the entire crop of professionals we have lurking around here, I’m sure at least one of you has an artistic flare that can spiff the joint up a bit.

(Beyond all this, it seems okay. Nothing to write home about but I realize that these things take time to fine-tune. Hey, we’re up and running, right? That’s big in my book, considering the fact. Keep up the great work everyone!)


One more thing… I’ve been on here now for maybe, say, 15 minutes and I can already see the asynchronous activity of other users (i.e. - people liking other peoples’ posts, seeing live feeds of discussions being displayed, etc.)

Now THAT is cool! I can see that adding a lot to everything around here. Kind of similar to chat. :slight_smile:


It can’t be modified atm but I’m noting it down.

[quote=“Wolf_22, post:23, topic:742”]
but I’m curious if it’s possible to categorize the forum groups into our own genres
[/quote] Again not atm but awesome idea! Recording for the future.

[quote=“Wolf_22, post:23, topic:742”]
Can we expect additional style changes?
[/quote] It’s a work in progress but for now we’re pretty happy with it.

Hehe another oddity…

On a profile page the member group name (eg Registered_Member) us linked and takes you to a page that lists posts but with the heading “Registered_Member”. It’s not entirely clear what the page content actually is, I’m presuming it’s all recent posts by that member group?

Fair enough. I guess if push comes to shove, people can always create some user styles or whatever.

It’s a pipe-dream, I know, but I always thought it’d be awesome to see the old style come back–the one you guys had back in, what, 2004-6? I always liked that.

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Yup, it is. And if you click the Members link in the side nav it lists the members. Not much use for the registered users group, but if you click on my title you’ll see how it could be more useful.

@HAWK Is the registered members group necessary? Seems like something brought over from vBulletin…

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Oooo and another one, the reply to post semi-persists across pages. If I’m half way through replying to a thread and open another page in a second tab it duplicates the post input field with the current state. If I go back to the original page and add more text to the reply, the second tab input stays as it was. That could be a bit confusing.

I see it does ask you what thread you want to reply to but could that a) confuse people, and b) result in more double posting?

I would have thought the reply input should only appear on the page you’re replying to?

Oooo and another one, the reply to post semi-persists across pages. If I’m half way through replying to a thread and open

Not sure. I can look into it, but TBH, are there any cons to having it?

^ that last post was the half version from the second tab I opened :slight_smile:

I believe that behaviour is intentional but I’m going to leave it to @system to respond to because I can’t remember the logic behind it.

Actually it is a really nice power feature thatallows you to easily quotes responses in other topics, linking the multiple topics together when you post your response. It takes some getting used to, but it adds a lot to building discussions.

Yeh I guess there’s some logic to it somewhere, maybe programmers logic and not UX logic - hehe


Default group pages like that do not show anything useful. There are too many members to sift through and seeing the posts of every member is kind of useless on a page like that, you might as well browse the forum. :smile:

There’s no logic in modern UX — this design is proof.

What happened to that wonderful thing called pagination? Is it just not trendy anymore?

Very weird that one has to highlight a post when wishing to quote and reply, so as the reply doesn’t end up as a hidden div named “n reply”. If I wish to multiquote I have to highlight and then reply. Then highlight another post for it to show up with the other quoted text.

Why are we ‘liking’ posts? Is this a forum or is this Facebook?

I’m going to stop because this will just end up in a long winded rant about modern UX/UI design. :confused: (woah, five whole emotes to choose from!)

edit: I just saw the emoji :unamused: That’s better. That’s one cool feature I actually like! However their discoverability isn’t the best. I’m not sure how that could be improved.

It’s a way of showing approval/agreement without having to reply “nice post!” etc., which gets rather boring to read.

There are lots and lots, but I’ll admit I don’t find them so easy to access. They are the Emoji set. You can see them at the bottom of this page: Discourse Cheat Sheet

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This is an interesting feature, but I’m not sure of the positioning of the link embed on the right. Perhaps there needs to be another horizontal line. Or should the markup have displayed the link only once?

I’ve also tried to quote your message with the two embedded quotes from my original message, but the markup isn’t separating them/nesting them as I’d expect:

^ This is from highlighting all your post.

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It’ll all be second nature in a few days. :wink:

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