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Only the first nested quote being parsed in a quote? No, I don’t think that is specifically mentioned. They do know about the lost of formatting in quotes, but I believe your above example should have worked.

I also believe there was some adjustments recently that may warrant trying this on Meta or Try

In fact, I’m going to test it on Try right now.

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Here’s another (related?) issue:

If you quote (or link to) a post which begins with a quote, the opening quote is stripped, like this[quote=“TechnoBear, post:262, topic:741”]
I lose track of which formatting bugs the Discourse team knows about… @cpradio - is this a known bug or not?
[/quote]Is that by design, or also a :bug:?

I’ve tried various combinations of adding 2 spaces at the end and extra newlines but I’ve yet to identify a consistant work-around.

I think that is by design, for two reasons

  1. That is an actual Discourse quote that it stripped out (or at least tied to this thread already)
  2. If you use the expand, the down chevron, the quote appears. So it only quoted the added commentary, since the remainder can be viewed by using the reply indicator at the top right of your post or by clicking the down chevron.

OK - so that would explain why, if you quote a post which begins with a quote and includes multiple quotes, not of the (visible) quotes is formatted.[quote=“cpradio, post:246, topic:741”]
Yes, it will be. We have to keep in mind that Discourse is still in its infancy (to a degree). As they mature and gain a larger following, some of these “UI” issues will likely get addressed.

The Discourse team has done very well at identifying issues and helping get them resolved as our site begins to attract larger number of users and a larger dataset of topics/posts. One thing that is also in the works is changing how many of the templates are rendered and how the scripts get included. This may also give Android devices better performance.

You can read a small snippet here

and more about it at (which is too deep into Ruby/Ember.js for my understanding, but once I get through my book list, maybe I’ll be able to keep up)

I moved a post to an existing topic: Feedback about SitePoint on Discourse

Holy cow! You’re still alive! How’ve you been?!

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Any chance of getting custom badges for contest wins, ie.The Hilarious Emoji Competition ???

Just a thought… :smile:


I need to think on this one. We run a lot of comps so it could get cumbersome. Give me a day or two. :smile:

Edit: You know what? Screw it. That’s a great idea. I’ll get it sorted next week.


Cool, because I actually like the idea. Badges can be really cool and if we can implement them in creative ways, all the better. I’d love to try and come up with some badges that can be automated based on users completing/accomplishing certain tasks.

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Multiple badges could be fun. Perhaps limit based on category though. One trust level badge is allowed to be displayed, one community award badge (motm or forum awards etc) and then one badge per competition type etc. I’d like that. Just a thought.

The display on a member’s “card” is limited, though I don’t know what criteria is used to decide which 3 to show.

I was actually thinking more along the lines of this thread. I see Mittineague, the mod symbol, and Team Leader. Along that line would be the badge categories you display. It’d be probably 5 badges MAX (or so) and would look “cool.”

Thanks Hawk.

I’ve so rarely won anything (anywhere in the world) I thought it would be nice to show that I actually do win on occasion…


Ah, I undertand. Not much chance of that making it into Discourse Core, the prevailing tendency is to reduce distracting “visual clutter” to help visitors focus on what’s “most important”, i.e. the discussion content.

That’s not to say that if there are enough requests, it will never make it into SitePoint’s code as a plugin some day. Just that for now the devs have their plates more than full.

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Awesome @HAWK !!!

Maybe this would be a great time to go ahead and expand the Profile area for these badges. Hey! And include fixing the look and feel of the that page overall. Really, adding content there and having a scroll bar appear that consumes almost 50% of the look and feel is sucky.


Done :slight_smile:

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Hey Buddy, there are a number of cosmetic changes along those lines that we need to get to, but there are many functional changes that need to happen first.

Cool!! Thanks @HAWK


@scout1idf, the title looks good on you. :slight_smile: