Favorite Web development resources

An assignment in my Intro to Web Design and Development class is to “Find Web resources on web development and design.” Seeing as this is an intro course, I haven’t really accumulated a lot of reliable resources yet. I could google and make a list of links, but I thought I would ask some developers instead. What are your favorite Web resources for Web development?

There are many resources of web development such as:
__ Responsive Web Design:-Responsive web design is the most common One Web approach. The approach uses CSS media queries to modify the presentation of a website based on the size of the device display.
__ Client-Side Adaptive:- Adaptive design builds on the principles of responsive design to deliver user experiences that are targeted at specific devices and contexts. It uses JavaScript to enrich websites with advanced functionality and customization.
__ Server-Side Adaptive:-We can achieve the server-side adaptive approach in a variety of ways, through server-side plugins and custom user agent detection. Why choose server-side adaptive? It typically offers distinct templates for each devices, enabling more customization, and it keeps device-detection logic on the server, enabling smaller mobile pages that load faster.

Thanks, Harshada, but these look to me to be techniques, not resources. I think my teacher is looking more for answers like http://www.w3.org. As a (print) graphic designer, I use a number of Web resources daily. For instance, I use http://www.qrstuff.com/ to generate QR codes. Sometimes I verify QR codes at http://www.onlinebarcodereader.com/. Sometimes I generate ISBN barcodes for book covers at http://www.tux.org/~milgram/bookland/. I’ve got about 30 more bookmarks to websites that help me accomplish something with graphic design.

But because I’m new to Web development, there are only a few Web resources that I would recommend (w3.org and a few forums). What Web resources do you recommend?

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