Learning Web design

Do anyone have any good resource to learn web development better?

Sure thing.
Take a look at learnable.com :slight_smile:

hello Towhid001,
you can learn web development at www.w3schools.com.

Here is one more resource which contains 20 other resources which also will help to learn web development in the better way :

Best resource to learn web design : http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/

That link is just great…i am pretty much interested in learning website designing and really that helped me a lot…though i am gonna take some classes on it very soon so i’d take more and more help from this forum…

While there area unit a good form of areas to focus on, being comprehensive within the basics is essential to border out the serious competition. As a my opinion folks ought to use w3school and [URL=“http://w3resource.com/”]w3resource sites to induce a lot of understanding info regarding internet planning.

Hi friends I am personally learning from W3school.com and developphp.com for web design

Designing a website is an important part to develop a business, because your website should be attractive and easy to use, so that visitors use your website. You should analyse the all dimension that which one programming language should be used or which type of page layout you should use.

I certainly agree with all the resources posted above - they are extremely helpful with getting started on web design and understanding the latest trends.

But one resource I find indispensible is the actual process of designing for clients! Understanding client requirements and brainstorming on the appropriate design elements is an aspect of web design that can only get better with more hands-on experience.

Another way to learn more about web development is to be involved in the web design community, be it online forums or local meet-ups. Exchanging useful tips and experience with like-minded people is a sure way to keep yourself updated and motivated in the niche area of web design.

I heard that W3schools is good. Others say that their content is dated. I’m not sure if the site staff updated their courses today. Aside from this, try to learn from other sources like How-To blogs to deepen and update your knowledge and skills.

I think these two links are really helpful


webmonkey.com is the most trusted source to learn website design and development. It is easy and quick that is why I am suggesting it.

“W3schools” is a very good platform to learn Web Designing.

  1. W3schools provides example of each and every topic for the self practice.
  2. You can learn different languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To me, you can’t bundle the two in together. I’ve been somewhere between reasonable and good at web development (a little out of practice recently) but never so good at web design, yet I know people who are great at the design but the coding (development) is terrible.

You can find so many good sites on the internet for learning web development . It depends on the language you want to learn for development . W3schools.com is a good site for beginners to learn about different languages for web development.

My favorite is www.udemy.com. There are free courses as well as courses that cost. Almost all can be had at a discount however (various deals happen throughout the year).

Don’t worry here we listed some online resources to learn web design and web development.

  1. http://www.developerdrive.com/
  2. http://webdesign.about.com/
  3. http://www.w3schools.com/
  4. http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/
  5. http://css-tricks.com/

Just try Lynda.com, for me in’s best source for online education, especially for web related niches.

I found a ton of very useful informations on smashingmagazine. Also, line25 has some very good coding tutorials. Basically, you need to search the internet and the blogs of influential web designers for those top coding hints. From there, everything is pretty much up to you and the time you are willing to invest.