Favorite css2 only vertical navigation menu >> link to code, (if possible)

Hi Guys, I am finishing off a site, and the last component that I am getting my head around is a good css2 only, right vertical, sliding/drop down menu, this may be an oxymoron, that is both “user friendly” and elegant, any suggested sitepoint links or elsewhere that could get my creative juices flowing, checking out this site I see arguments against accordion type menu’s, any views?

So far, the only way I can get to where I want to be would be following one of these two examples

This could be one of the solutions http://www.porsche.com/usa/

The other one, using jquery would be this one: http://www.stunicholls.com/menu/jquery-slide-1.html

Is this possible without resorting to scripting, any thoughts?

I wouldn’t mess with accordians. Although it’s really your call. I personally don’t find it intuitive for users to know to click the link to show the dropdown. Users are used to just hovering and it might throw them off.

If you were going to bother doing an accordian, I’d just use a JS scripted one. There is a clickable dropdown menu, but also incorporating the height to move wouldn’t likely be possible without scripts, due to the parent would need to be referenced on hover (untested so there might be a way)

Ryan, thanks for your input, I will have work with the link, I probably mangled the wording in my question, I will be setting a right side vertical menu bar that could either accordion down, as in the second example from my links or, as in the first, float links into the main text area, on first glance, I prefer the second link option, I do like the “on hover” option and would like to work this way, I agree, the options I threw out are not as intuitive.