Jquery accordian style navigation help


I am working on a website and discovered this vertical accordion style navigation bar that works perfectly for my needs. I am not a programmer though and have never worked with jquery so I need a little help tweaking a part of this navigation.

The instruction page that I cut and paste the code from is here:


I have two menu items that don’t need a dropdown component (the “home” button and the “contact us” button). They are pretty much stand alone links. You can view my page at:


Is it possible to make the home and contact buttons a stand alone link themselves? I don’t want it to open a sublink as there are none connected to these two buttons…

Also, where in the code do I place the info if it is possible.

Appreciate any help you can provide…


You could just delete the dropdown div for the links that don’t need it and instead turn this:

<p class="menu_head">Home</p>

into this:

<p class="menu_head"><a href="/">Home</a></p>

and do the same for the Contact para too.