Vertical drop down menu or slide navigation

Hi Everyone,

I need to implement a vertical slider navigation bar into a web page I am trying to create. I found a website with exactly the ticket. But I have know idea how to create it. Anyone know of a tutorial or site that might help me out with this?

The site that has the left column navigation I would like to recreate is here:

HCR ManorCare: A leading provider of skilled nursing & rehabilitation services, home health and hospice services


To be honest, it’ not clear what you are asking for. What’s that link for? Is that your site, or does it have an example of what you want?

Hi Ralph,

The link is to a website that has an example of a sliding navigation in the left hand column that I’d like to use on my website. My client has about 9 links with sublinks and it looks really crowded if I try to go horizontally, so I thought I’d try a vertical navigation instead.


If you’ll notice, that navigation bar disappears entirely when you click on the upward arrow beside Services. Not good usability at all.

If you don’t mind using jQuery to drive your navigation (there are arguments for and against that), there are a lot of vertical sliding menus out there. Stu Nicholls created a decent one. And [url=“”]MediaFormations gives another good example. There are [URL=“”]tons more.

I’ve never used jquery before. Will it work properly in all browsers? It might be a bit out of my league. I am more of a cut and paste script gal. Not real familiar with programming.


JQuery is dirt simple … that’s why I use it. :slight_smile: Most of the time you can get away with little more than cut and paste, some CSS and HTML inclusions, and so forth, very easy, and a lot of jQ developers write walkthroughs that anyone can follow. Some more knowledgeable coders like Deathshadow don’t like jQ, but if you’re not a coder or programmer, it’s a terrific solution. And it usually works well in all modern browsers, even a less modern one like IE6.

There are also simpler, CSS-only dropdown menus out there.