Fatcow vs Hostgator?

Which hosting company is better Fatcow vs Hostgator. Currently I’m using Fatcow but someone recommend to me that Hostgator is better. I heard that Hostgator is pretty much the same but more expensive per year.
If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Maybe I need to change my hosting company? (Also I heard you get $100 worth in google ad money with hostgator is that true?)

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A quick search indicates that FatCow is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). HostGator was purchased by EIG a couple of months ago. So regardless of which one you choose, they are both owned by the same parent company and will probably share resources like tech support (I assume).

So does it really matter which one you choose? Probably not. Go with the one that offers you the best value for your money, if there is any difference at all. And be sure to read some reviews of the parent company EIG first.

Yep, FatCow has been an Endurance brand for a while. HostGator is as well and actually ASmallOrange is EIG owned too.

You got a source for that? Maybe it is… :confused: No article I have read thus far mentions ASO being purchased along with HostGator. HostGator and ASO were owned by the same guy and basically run as separate companies targeting different segments of the hosting market, but everything I read so far indicates that ASO was not part of the deal. So if you have a link with some info, let me know.

Sent you a PM.

Even I don’t use ASO service, my feeling with them is always positive, I think since I saw how Tim setup his company. Nowadays, Tim is not working at ASO anymore, but I see Ryan MacDonald has joined the team. A really good thing for ASO.

However, it’s out of the OP question. Back to it, between Fatcow and Hostgator, if you don’t have experience with HG and you are still happy with Fatcow, do NOT move, especially it’s for your company website. You will not know what’s happening. HG is usually good, but there are some horror stories about HG too. If I were you, I will not risk my business.

Both of them promote overselling “unlimited space/bandwidth” offers. Does this answer the question?

Thanks for this info, guessing it comes down to price with this choice, i’ve seen some ecoupons floating about offering .01/ month intro packages at hostgator.

That’s effectively a 30 day trial. Most hosts will offer you 30 days to try there service.