FAQ: Search Engine Optimization

Also check the robots tag. If you are using Firefox (Just right click and hit “Show Page info” .

Also ensure that the is not a rel=“nofollow” tag within the anchor

This thread is great, awesome info for newbies. A great guide, i commend you :slight_smile:

As mentioned before trading links with sites already ranked or in SERPs can really help you especially if they trade site wide text links over a homepage or links page text link. Sometimes site owners don’t want to trade with new sites so if you have an older stronger site maybe trade links with their site for your strong site if they link to your new one :slight_smile:

Thanks for the time you put into this post :slight_smile: I’m in the process of developing a new site and wanted to give PHP a try. I did a search on whether PHP was viewed the same by the search engines as html & found the answer right away in your post.


Wow once again very informative. All this info and such a small brain i have.

That was by far the most concise, to the point SEO resource I have read. I’m sure this will help many people just starting out in the SEO game :slight_smile:


I have to say that over the last 6 months I have read a shed load of articles on SEO including those produced by the SEO software developers and this thread beats them all hand down

Brilliant piece of informative writing

Nice 1

  1. Change the underscores ‘_’ to dashes ‘-’ in your file names (I see them a lot in your image files and some pages, too). Underscores are not seen as a space so the file name seems like one big odd word. Dashes help them differentiate keywords and help you rank better for them.

I have never seen such a definitive comment on this subject and wanted to know what it is based on ??


I have a quick question. I SEOed (to the best of my ability) my main (doorway) page to my site, and it seemed to get indexed quickly, mostly with MSN and yahoo.

I then SEOed my other pages, why are they taking so long for the search engines to index them.

I also used a site called BuildTraffic.net and paid to have my site submitted to all the major search engines and directories. I did this last night, when should I start seeing results.


Is there a firefox plugin or anything similar ,that could show us the “no follow” tag ?

I have read this post and I found out that it can help my site. I don’t know how to increase my page popularity or page rank of my web site www.asiakingworld.com , I already submit PPC on google, can you pleas tell me guys what should I do next to increase my rank.

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You should continue to gather high quality backlinks. Also it would be nice if you could implement some of the newer tehnologies like RSS and stuff … :wink:

I am going to answer to my own question and the answerr is:

SearchStatus - a very good firefox plugin which is a must for SEOs or webmasters

My brain is very full from reading this post, and searchstatus is a really good tool, I recently downloaded it.

BNizzle - fo shizzle
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I just wanted to offer up a quick thank-you for this post. More and more of my clients are looking for good SEO and now I have the resources to really help them out.

No problem. After all … we all here to help each other. Maybe you can review my website (the one from my sig). I’ve already started a thread about it … Thanks.

Very nice and informative information in a single place. I have readed several articles on different website. But the information provided here is excellent.

Have anyone of you installed searchstatus ? What do you think of it ?

Great post! Glad I finally ran accross it.

Also, you should consider making a good linkage between your website’s pages otherwise your PR won’t transfer to the right pages.