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good job, i never knew of the rel=“nofollow” tag thanks!

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Really nice faq stymiee. I ´ll get mor backlinks, after read it! And what happens if you want to rank nice in local googles: ie: www.google.CA or .ES. Is any difference?
There is the possibility to rank well in google.com and not so well (lol) in google.ca or others.
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Excellent FAQ stymiee, thanks!

Great work stymiee!

Thanks for taking the time for writing these things down in such an easy to follow way.

May questions be addressed in this post or would you rather have separate threads be created in SEO forum?

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If you have a generic Google question or SEO question it would get a better response in its own thread. If you have a question about the FAQ itself, here would be appropriate.

Thanks. Will create new thread.

Another thread which can be given lots of references.

I like the google webmaster tips. Didnt really learn anything shocking, but I was surprised that they list “create a site map” in the second bullet point. ( not google sitemaps - but a browsable one )

Just a friendly reminder -how- important that page can be.

I never had the google sitemaps but have the sitemap on my website.

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Another reason why redirect any “www.” pages using a 301 to “example.com” is “www” is a sub domain of “example.com” and google will see any “www.example.com/page.html” vs “example.com/page.html” as duplicate content and could hurt your rankings.

Its this type of redirect that makes shared hosting on a windows server seem somewhat feeble in comparison to the options allowed by having your site on apache. I only wish I could do this, I have seen that google has me a little confused there. Maybe there is some way to detect this with coldfusion, but its not a 301 redirect :frowning:

Hehe … Im the other way around, already pubslishing several google sitemaps.

Going to create a (browsable) sitemap for my site today.

Nice FAQ! I just have a question about optimising your h1,h2,h3,h4 tags. Some of our pages use many h1 tags. Typically, h1 for a heading and then p for the content, then this is repeated. Is this bad for SEO?

Each page should have only one H1 tag as that is used to describe the topic of the page’s content. Subsequent headers shoud be H2 tags as they are more specific points of the page’s topic.

That’s the thread I’m waitin for. :blush:

It already exists.