Family websites are they worth?

Hi all,

What do people think of family websites i know they are proabbly not a good market but do you think they are worth it at all i know they wont bring in many customers/clients what do you think are they worth it in the family websites for families to connect together?

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I havent seen many, I think its a good idea but I dont think it will work because of places like FaceBook that so many parents use now.

Nah I don’t think they will bring you any money as there are loads of free social networking sites they can take advantage off.

I don’t think there is any real need for family websites either. There aren’t going to be many people needing anything other than a WYSIWYG editor (as it’s a personal website), an easy to setup blog or social networks. It’s a simple case that you would be providing something there isn’t a need for. :slight_smile:

Never thought about making one before and you really don’t see too many on the web. It would probably be a good niche to go with.

Just not sure if you can make big money with them. But if there’s a will there is a way!

If you created a good template and put up a good demo site, you could probably make some sales.

You figured this out all by yourself?

Hi William,

I think this is an interesting topic, there are many people who love the idea of having their family videos, photos up on the web on their own domain name - even weddings, birthday parties etc… I’ve never built any family orientated website before but it’s definitely something that has the fun factor for sure! I guess it would all depend on how you market it and where which will determine the feasability of the project. A bit of market research to get a feel for some feedback would give you a fair insight into the demand side of things. I just did a few google searches for family weddings and birthday parties and alot of interesting sites have came up, there are ppl doing them so why not!

Facebook is very popular of course but having ur own .com is more exclusive - obviously a CMS based build would be the way to go so they can always update as they go along which will be fairly easy even to a novice, I wouldn’t knock this idea at all and I wish you the best of luck with it! Let us know how you get on if you decide to pursue this idea! :tup: